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Shelly Crawford, Democrat for Senate District 1

Shelly has dedicated her life to serving others. First as a career educator teaching students across Clark County and now as a principal at a Title I school. Shelly knows that education is a door that opens opportunities. She will work hard to get a qualified teacher in every classroom. She believes that hard work should be rewarded and that everyone should have opportunity access. That’s why, in the State Senate, Shelly will work to grow good-paying jobs, grow the supply of housing that working families can afford, and tackle the skyrocketing costs of health care.


“I am proud to endorse Dr. Michelee Crawford in her run for Senate District 1. ‘Shelly,’ as many in the community call her, is a natural leader and a champion for communities who often must fight to have their voices heard. Shelly has a proven track record of advocating for more affordable housing, health care that doesn’t break the bank, and quality schools that will ensure all Nevada children have the opportunity to succeed."


- Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro


“I am proud to endorse Shelly Crawford for Senate District 1. As women of color, it is important we stand up and speak out, this is what Shelly has done her entire life and what she will continue to do in the Nevada State Senate. I will do all that I can to ensure Senate District 1 continues to have an advocate who understands our community’s needs, and I believe that Shelly Crawford is that advocate.”

- Senator Pat Spearman, Senate District 1

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